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‘Serpentine’ by Mark Laita, Amazing Photographs Of Snakes With Gorgeous Graphic Patterns On Their Skin


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There’s no longer a place for me nor for you.

And so it is.

Onwards and upwards.

Happy for your happiness.

This has been one whirlind of a week.

From losing a person I hold dear, to finding that last bit of strength for a love I believe in, to crying, hours and hours of crying, to fighting fucking thrush, to securing an investment for the business, to winning her back.

It’s Friday and I’m fucking happy it’s the weekend.

Then you came and I started to feel again. I started to think there was a reason I survived, that you were my reason. But nothing’s so simple, is it? I didn’t protect you. Here you are hurting so bad, and I can’t even help. I’m just here and I need you. That’s all it comes to. I need you to be brave when I haven’t been. I know how hard it is. Look at me. Look at what’s happened to me. Jesus, I feel like I’ll be crying for the next century.” He bent his head, pressed his tear-wet cheek to her dry cold skin. “But I’m here. I’m not hiding anymore. Princess, I’m asking you. Come back to me. You’re my life.

Laura Kinsale, Seize the Fire (via observando)

Sometimes you have to fight. Fight with everything you have.

Sometimes you lose.

But sometimes, you might just win.


Papers for Characters

Spanish design studio Atipo has created a collection of minimalistic movie posters that are made from paper. 


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Sometimes you’re just an insensitive dickhead.

You don’t appreciate anything.

I keep waiting for an email that will never come.



The cast of OITNB for People magazine.
"I’ve worked in bigger casts, but it’s always mostly men like on That ’70s show. So actually, working around all of these women, I was a little nervous. But seriously, they’re all so wonderful. There’s not one girl who’s like a diva.” - Laura Prepon

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It’s starting to feel right again.

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